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The key things to know about me are that I’ve spent many years working in Family Law, and been an actor and producer in creative projects like feature movies & television

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About Me

For many years, my work has highlighted for me the need to help children going through family breakdown and being subjected to family violence.

As a youngster I also experienced this. Children’s mental and physical health are often the first casualties when parental relationships sour. Their needs are often overlooked.  

Through my charity, the To Be Loved Network, we provide media such as books and film, aimed at helping children navigate the difficult experience of family breakdown.  To Be Loved also provides resources for people (judges, lawyers, social workers, educators, families) who find themselves in this space.

I’ve spent many years working in Family Law and in creative projects. One thing is clear to me. We all need to feel and be loved in order to do our best.

Children are our most precious resource, the bearers of our collective future. Yet, too often, they find themselves in situations where they feel unheard, unloved, and uncared for. When the very pillars of their support system - their parents - become sources of stress, it can lead to feelings of isolation and despair.

But there is hope. Together, we can make a difference. We can provide these children with the resources they need to navigate life’s challenges. We can offer them a safe space to express their feelings, fears, and dreams. We can equip them with the tools to build resilience and foster a positive outlook on life.

By joining hands, we can ensure that no child feels alone or unsupported. We can empower them to rise above their circumstances and realize their full potential. We can help them transform their lives and, in doing so, shape a brighter, more promising future.

Join me, Darren Mort, in this endeavour. Let’s stand up for these children. Let’s invest in their future. Because every child deserves a chance to thrive, to dream, and to be loved.
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My Acting

From feature films, stage productions, musical theatre, television and training videos, I have a broad experience with all things performing.

My work across these areas include acting, producing, writing and directing. You name it – I’ve done it!  

What these experiences have shown me are that creative endeavours are food for the soul, not only for the performer, but also for the audience. I want to combine the creative and the hard core experiential (family breakdown) to assist kids going through upheavals in their home life.  

There is a real need for children experiencing family violence, whose health is at risk to feel empowered instead of sidelined. They have the right to be loved.



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