Barrister of the Year 2022: An Empowered and Inspiring Beacon

Barrister of the Year was awarded to Darren Mort at the Australian Law Awards in 2022, a true testament to his unwavering commitment to his profession.
Darren Mort Barrister of The Year

Barrister of the Year

Darren Mort was honoured as the Barrister of the Year at the Australian Law Awards in 2022, recognising his steadfast dedication to his profession.

Darren Mort, a highly respected and renowned barrister with over thirty  years of experience, has been a prominent figure in the field of family law, divorce, and separation.

In addition to his work in family law, Darren Mort has also made significant contributions to the field of DeFacto Property Law. His expertise in this area has helped numerous individuals navigate the complexities of property disputes following separation or divorce.

Arbitrator and Mediator

Furthermore, Darren Mort is an accredited Arbitrator and Mediator, roles that allow him to help resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. His ability to facilitate resolution in contentious situations is a testament to his exceptional legal skills and his commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients.

His remarkable dedication and exceptional legal skills have earned him the distinguished title of “Barrister of the Year” at the Australian Law Awards in 2022, a true testament to his unwavering commitment to his profession.

Darren is a strong advocate for mental health in the legal industry, understanding the unique pressures and challenges that legal professionals face.

His short film on mental health issues in the legal industry has not only won multiple international awards but also sparked important conversations about mental health in the legal profession.

The Australian Law Awards

The Australian Law Awards is a prestigious event that recognises the dedication of legal professionals and firms to the legal sector in Australia. The awards program has been recognising the tireless work of legal professionals for over 23 years.

The awards cover a wide range of categories, from managing partners and general counsel to barristers, legal scholars, and rising stars. The awards program is considered the pinnacle event for recognizing talent in the Australian legal industry.

Winning an Australian Law Award provides national recognition and elevates individuals or businesses in the legal industry. 

For organisations, securing an award can help attract and retain the best talent, while strengthening their position when winning (and retaining) business. 

For individuals, recognition can underpin career advancement.

In addition to his legal work, Darren has also proven to be a compassionate visionary who recognises the importance of addressing critical societal challenges.

He has produced a compelling and thought-provoking short film on mental health issues in the legal industry, winning the hearts of many.

Actor, Producer and Educator

Darren Mort is also recognised for his work outside the courtroom. He is a professional actor and producer, and his short film – “Degree of Separation” – a story about family violence, has won multiple international awards.

Darren Mort’s commitment to his profession is not just limited to his legal practice. He has also taken on the role of an educator, lecturing at Victoria University on legal aspects affecting the fitness industry and profession. This role allows him to share his legal expertise with a wider audience, contributing to the education of future legal professionals.

Moreover, Darren’s mentorship has been invaluable to several readers, sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of legal professionals. His guidance and support have helped shape the careers of many aspiring barristers.

To Be Loved Network

Furthermore, he is a director of To Be Loved Network. This charitable foundation produces resources to support children navigating the complexities of parental separation and divorce. His work with To Be Loved Network demonstrates his deep understanding of the emotional toll that family law cases can have on the individuals involved, particularly children.

His diverse contributions to the legal field and society at large have played a significant role in him being awarded the Barrister of the Year in 2022.

His work serves as an inspiration to both current and aspiring legal professionals. His story is a powerful reminder of the impact that dedicated legal professionals can have on their profession and society.


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