Judge John Hassett – A Significant Contribution to the Legal Community

Judge John Hassett made significant contributions to Victoria’s legal community. His multi-decade career included various roles within the legal system, shaping its development and function.
Family Law Barrister Darren Mort served as an associate to Judge John Hassett before being admitted to the Bar.

Judge John Hassett

Judge John Hassett was a distinguished legal professional who served as a County Court Judge in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. His tenure spanned 15 years, from 15 May 1984 to 9 April 1999.

The opening of the legal year 1988 with (L to R) Darren Mort, Valerie Hassett and Judge John Hasset

Judge John Hassett – contributing to Excellence in the Legal Community

Judge John Hassett had a significant influence on the legal community in Victoria, Australia. His career spanned several decades and he held various roles within the legal system, contributing to its development and functioning.

Early Career and Contributions:

Hassett began his career in the Courts Branch of the Justice Department and qualified by Long Articles, the last class at Melbourne University. He was a Partner at Gair Brahe, then at Walter Hassett. These early experiences allowed him to gain a deep understanding of the legal system and its workings.

At the Bar:

Hassett practiced in Common Law and Crime in Melbourne and on Circuit. He was a member of the Bar Council and served on many active Bar Committees. His work at the Bar helped shape legal practices and policies.

Criminal Bar Association:

Hassett was a founder of the Criminal Bar Association and served as its Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice-Chairman. He was honoured as a Life Member. His work with the association helped improve the practice of criminal law and provided a platform for legal professionals to collaborate and learn.

As a Judge:

Hassett’s service to the Court spanned from 15 May 1984 to 9 April 1999. He is remembered for his contributions to the Executive and in respect of the new building. His tenure as a judge allowed him to directly influence legal proceedings and decisions, shaping the interpretation and application of law.


Hassett also played a role in mentoring and guiding young legal professionals. Family Law Barrister Darren Mort served as an associate to Judge John Hassett before being admitted to the Bar. This mentorship helped shape the careers of many legal professionals, contributing to the development of the legal community.

Posthumous Influence:

Even after his passing, Hassett’s influence continues to be felt. His life and work are studied and remembered, providing inspiration and guidance to current and future legal professionals.

Notable Achievements:

Hassett co-authored “Indictable Offences in Victoria” a significant legal resource. He also submitted a landmark recommendation on Barristers’ Fees in Criminal Cases.

His dedication extended beyond the courtroom, including involvement in church and social justice matters.

In summary, Judge John Hassett’s legacy reflects dedication, mentorship, and a lasting impact on Victoria’s legal landscape. His commitment to justice and love for others left an indelible mark on the legal community


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