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Darren has been a part of many podcasts where he discusses his work in family law and shares insights from his experiences. Notable appearances include “LawLive” on Apple Podcasts. 

"Children are the bearers of our collective future yet, too often, they find themselves in situations where they feel unheard, unloved, and uncared for..."
Darren Mort
Darren Mort Podcasts

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Darren Mort Podcasts

Barrister, Author, Film Writer, Actor, Producer, Podcaster

Welcome to Darren Mort Podcasts page. Darren is a seasoned barrister with over 30 years of experience in Family Law. He’s also an acclaimed author, film writer, actor, and producer. His insights and experiences are shared through his podcasts, making it a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment. Enjoy your listening journey!

Parents need to step up and focus on their children rather than their own needs and feelings of dissatisfaction

- Darren Mort

Done and Dusted Podcast

Key Issues in Family Law

Darren Mort co-hosts the Done and Dusted Podcast Series with Caroline Counsel where they engage in discussions about Family Law topics with a featured guest.

The Done and Dusted Podcast Series is a thought-provoking and insightful program that delves into the complex world of Family Law.

This series is co-hosted by Darren Mort and Caroline Counsel, both of whom bring their unique perspectives and extensive experience to the table.

February 7 2024 - For the past two decades, Cat Lancaster has dedicated her professional life to assisting children with disabilities and their families. She holds the position of Director of Professional Practice in Disability and Mental Health at ‘Life Without Barriers’, an organization committed to breaking...

February 6 2024 - Volunteers are the unsung heroes who form the backbone of our communities. They are the ones who rise to the occasion without hesitation, embodying the spirit of service and altruism...

November 30 2023 - When marriages break down, it often results in a tumultuous upheaval that significantly impacts all family members involved. Children, in particular, are vulnerable during these times...

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October 3 2023 - On the Done and Dusted Podcast with Darren Mort and Caroline Counsel, Dr. Phil Watts shares his insights from his 30 years of experience working with separating families...

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September 23 2023 - In this week's episode of Done and Dusted Podcast, hosts Darren Morton and Caroline Counsel engage in a thought-provoking discussion with the esteemed Diana Bryant AO QC, a retired Family Court Judge and former Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia....

May 22 2023 - Dr. Sue Packer is an Australian paediatrician and a tireless advocate for the rights of children. She has dedicated her life to the welfare of children, with a special focus on child abuse prevention and treatment.....

March 7 2023 - Dr. Georgina Dimopoulos, a distinguished Senior Lecturer in Law at Southern Cross University, is a dedicated advocate for children’s rights. .....

February 28 2023 - Navigating the tumultuous waters of marriage breakdowns is a challenging ordeal for anyone involved, but it’s particularly difficult for children. .....

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Into The Wild

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Tales of Castle Black

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Game Of Spades

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The Curious Case Of Paris

Into The Wild

When In Wild, You Better Follow Rules Of Nature

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Darren Mort - Isla's Song - Blog and Home Page

Isla’s Song: A Heartwarming Debut Novel

Isla’s Song: A Heartwarming Debut Novel of a Child’s Unyielding Love in 2023 is published by Wilkinson Publishing and is Darren Mort’s first novel

Darren Mort is a distinguished author known for his work “Isla’s Song” and regarded as an exceptional professional in the area of family law, divorce, and separation.

With over 30 years of experience as a Barrister, his wealth of knowledge and expertise is unparalleled.

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