3 Essential Insights: The Powerful Impact of a Skilled Magistrate in Transforming Family Court Outcomes

In a complex parenting case, the presence of a skilled magistrate was pivotal. His wisdom and experience ensured the child’s best interests, highlighting the importance of such expertise in court proceedings.
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Skilled Magistrate - navigating the turmoil of an emotionally charged case

A skilled magistrate can help settle matters, improve outcomes, and leave separating parents with dignity, and a degree of comfort while reaching the best possible outcome for their child.

I worked on a case this week at the Family Court in Perth. It was a very traumatic parenting case involving a child with certain needs including a long outstanding report dealing with neurodiversity considerations. I won’t go into the details of this emotionally charged case however, it was the judicial officer that struck me as being so important in navigating an ultimate solution to this matter.

The judicial officer’s name was Magistrate Martino. He was an impeccable arbitrator who was able to navigate the emotional turmoil in this matter without undermining the parties whilst keeping a clear objective focus on the child’s best interests.

He was very impressive and without his expert guidance and the considerable experience he brought to bear to this matter, the case would’ve ended up in chaos; it would’ve negatively impacted on the child’s future, emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

Often we forget, the little things that matter, and when a judge is able to deliver considered, measured and sensible words of wisdom from the bench, it counts for so much. It allows parties to take on board that someone has their child’s best interest at heart; that someone is focused on the future road ahead for their child; and that, although ultimately such a person must make findings, they are there to conduct a positive inquiry into the best interests of their child- their precious gift.

If it had not been for His Honor’s words of wisdom, we would’ve never have settled this matter, and the outcome was perfect, leaving both parents with a pocket full of dignity, and a degree of comfort that they had reached the best possible outcome for their child.

I was reminded that this process isn’t about throwing mud in court and hoping some of it sticks. I was reminded that who you’re opposed to doesn’t matter as much as the knowledge and experience of the judicial officer when it comes to achieving the best possible outcome. Children deserve the best and experience counts.


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