Empowering Adventures with Tommy and Tiger Terry: A Heartwarming Children’s Book by Darren Mort

Tommy and Tiger Terry is a children's book by Darren Mort whose story revolves around Tommy, a child from a separated household who loves both his parents.
Tommy and Tiger Terry: the book and the movie

Tommy and Tiger Terry - Navigating Family Breakdown

“Tommy and Tiger Terry” is a children’s book written by Darren Mort and illustrated by Niama Wessely. The book was published by Booktopia Publishing Services on May 1, 2019.

The story revolves around Tommy, a child from a separated household who loves both his parents. Tommy wishes for his parents to reconcile, but he understands that it’s not going to happen.

To cope with his feelings of conflict and anxiety, Tommy creates an imaginary friend, Tiger Terry. Tiger Terry accompanies Tommy on various adventures, providing him with avenues of escape and helping him better understand his family situation.

“Tommy and Tiger Terry” features a vibrant green cover with tropical foliage. The cover illustration showcases a boy riding on the back of a tiger, which suggests a sense of adventure and companionship.

The illustrator, Niama Wessely, has brought the characters to life with her artwork, which have a lively and engaging style, suitable for capturing the attention of young readers. The book illustration style is appealing to children, with its use of bright colours and dynamic imagery.

Tommy and Tiger Terry is visually captivating read for the intended audience of children.

The book is a compelling resource for children and parents alike, especially those dealing with family separation. It aims to help children make sense of their situation and reassure them that they are not alone.

The book has been positively received. One reviewer praised the book as “amazing”, noting that it is beautifully written and illustrated, and serves as a great resource for kids (and parents) going through separation.

Darren Mort, the author, has been a Barrister in Family Law for nearly 30 years. His experience in the field has contributed to the depth and understanding portrayed in the book. The illustrator, Niama Wessely, has also done a beautiful job, illustrating Tommy’s adventures.

“Tommy and Tiger Terry” has been used to not just help children, but parents navigate the sometimes turbulent time that can happen after a family breakdown. The narrative of the book is echoed in the film titled “Tommy” and produced by Darren Mort, which was selected for the Flickerfest International Film Festival. The film portrays a young boy’s anxiety over a custody battle.

Darren Mort has also published a novel titled “Isla’s Song”. The book is set in the folk music days of the 60s and tells a story of choices, betrayal, love, stardom, eternal hopes, and a child’s love. This gripping tale is Darren’s debut novel.

While “Isla’s Song” deals with different themes compared to “Tommy & Tiger Terry”, both books explore the complexities of relationships and the impact of these relationships on children.

There is a common thread that connects all of Darren Mort’s works. His books, including “Tommy & Tiger Terry” and “Isla’s Song”, explore the complexities of relationships and their impact on individuals, particularly children.

His experience as a Family Law Barrister has influenced his writing, providing a unique perspective on the challenges faced by children and families during times of change and upheaval. This theme of navigating personal relationships and the emotional turmoil associated with them is a recurring motif in his works.

Whether it’s dealing with family separation in “Tommy and Tiger Terry” or exploring choices, betrayal, and love in “Isla’s Song”, Darren Mort’s works consistently aim to provide understanding and empathy for those going through similar experiences. His books serve not just as stories, but also as resources to help readers navigate their own challenges.


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